Erba Isolanti

Mr Francesco Erba owned a silk factory and approached electromechanical industries with silk tapes. On 1939 he founded a Company dedicated to supply electromechanical industries, introducing other products like phenolic paper based products, adhesive tapes and, representing as agent, British and German Companies.

During 1976, name has been changed in Erba Isolanti and it is the begin of a progressive development to the sales of all types of dielectric products for windings of motors and transformers, motor lead cable, special winding wire, sleevings, adhesive components, electro insulating varnishes and resins, products to tie, all carefully selected. This allowed Erba Isolanti to became a leading company in dielectric products selling to world wide important companies, mainly Electromechanical, Electronics and lighting.

The availability of the wide range of products from stock and technical assistance to select appropriate products or meet project requirements have leaded Erba Isolanti to become an ideal partner for hundreds of Italian Companies and others in 15 different export countries.