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General information Driving units of submersible pumps, so called «wet type motors», have been used to a large extent for many years. Due to their simple construction, these motors can be manufactured in comparably small series. This enables end-user countries to set up their own production. This is not possible for canned, oil-filled, motors. Unlike an oil filled motors whose insulation would fail due to contact with moisture entering from without, the water filled unit will continue to operate. There is also no danger of polluting water with oil. The advantages of «wet type motors» in comparison to canned motors are known all over the world and production of such motors is increasing steadily. The application of this technology though, does not rest solely in the traditional field of submersible pumps. Nowadays, «wet type motors» are used more and more as driving units of special pumps, dredge boats, submarines, deep-sea research instruments etc. The winding wires of «wet type motors» are continually in contact with liquids that are more or less aggressive. For this reason the extruded insulation of the winding wires has to be absolutely water tight and resistant to a number of different substances. The dielectric properties of the insulation (dielectric strength, insulation resistance, dielectric losses), have to meet high standards that, of course, have to be fulfilled under the influence of moisture for long periods of time. Due to our longstanding experience and tests we have has developed suitable PVC compound Lead Free, for this special application. Other compounds have been carefully chosen from available products on the market and continue to be evaluated in our laboratories. Our insulating materials have excellent properties to assure longevity. Here are some of the main characteristics: - High dielectric strength - High insulation resistance - Low dielectric losses (tan .) - Good thermal and chemical resistance it goes without saying that our laboratory continues to test proven as well as new insulation materials in respect to the suitability for this very specific application. This will assure consistent quality and further improvement. Our company has been in the market of selling water-tight winding wires for submersible pump motors since 1950. We have, due to longstanding experience, the know-how to develop and use the proper materials. We guarantee the highest standards.

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