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DESCRIPTION The connection cable Type SIWO-KUL is a very flexible single core cable. It is manufactured in the voltage range of 1.1 kV, 3.3/4.2 kV, 6.6 kV and 13.8 kV. The operating temperature for continuous service extends from -60°C. up to +180°C. The use of silicone rubber, a high grade corona resistant insulation material, gives the cable excellent dielectric strength. The braided synthetic yarn covering, which is applied directly over the insulation, gives the cable, because of its short braiding pitch and high compactness, an excellent mechanical protection by maintaining good flexibility. The varnishing of the braiding results in good antifriction properties, high abrasion and excellent chemical resistance against transformer oil, light fuel oil and most types of cleaning agents. In the event of fire, no corrosive and toxic gases will be given off. Hence, damage caused by fire can be kept to a minimum. Compared with other plastic insulated cables, SIWO-KUL generates only little smoke and is therefore defined as "low smoke grade" according to the "Guideline for fire regulations". Of course, the cable meets the requirements concerning fire propagation specified in IEEE 383 and IEC 332-1 respectively. According to the French specification N.F.F.16.101, this cable is BF1 approved which means that it is in compliance with requirements for cable used in the internal wiring of rail cars. Under the influence of flames the silicone rubber reduces to silicone oxide, which is an excellent electrical insulator. Because of this chemical reaction a relatively long functional endurance under fire conditions can be achieved. Tests according to IEC 331 and VDE 0472 part 814, at rated voltage, show a function time of at least 30 minutes. The insulation wallthickness has been designed taking into consideration the high dielectric strength of silicone rubber. The breakdown voltage of the finished cable is at least twice the value of the test voltage. The cable meets the requirements of UIC 895 and, concerning dielectric strength, BSS 6195 Type 5, voltage categories C,D, E and F. APPLICATIONS The SIWO-KUL cable is used where high flexibility is required and high temperature conditions are present. It is therefore a suitable connection cable for high voltage machines, for transformers, motors, generations etc. Thanks to its goods antifriction properties and abrasion resistance it is also well suited for traction machines and shipbuilding.


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